Terms and conditions

Cross Border Authorization

Local Cars vehicles are not allowed to travel outside from Portugal.

Cross border

Local Cars vehicles may travel outside of Portugal but must be returned to the delivery station. In order for the car to be able to travel outside Portugal, this must be communicated to Local Cars, at an additional cost per rental. If the vehicle is travelling outside Portugal, without Local Cars authorisation and consequently, payment of this supplement, the driver will be charged € 3.00 for each Km travelled in the rental period and will be responsible for all damages that may occur in the rented vehicle.

Baby car seats

Upon prior request, Local Cars will make available this equipment available to the Customer, upon payment of an additional daily service charge. 


Upon the Customer’s request, Local Cars provides the GPS system. However, this equipment is only available at the rental stations mentioned below, and upon payment of a daily supplement up to a maximum of 10 days per rental. This equipment is subject to franchise in case of loss or damage and is not covered by SUPER CDW / Deductible Reduction.


All Local Cars vehicles are delivered with 1/4, 1/2 , 3/4 and full tank and must be delivered under the same conditions.
The Client must provide. If, on return of the vehicle, the tank is not full, in addition to the missing fuel, you will also pay an additional charge of € 30.00 for the refuelling service.


All drivers must present, at the beginning of the rental, a driver's license, citizen's card or passport, and a valid credit card(Visa or MasterCard)
The driving license must be valid for driving in Portugal and issued for at least one year. Driving licenses issued in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew or Japanese alphabet shall only be valid with an international driving license or a translation of their driving license.
The driving license shall entitle the Driver to drive light-duty vehicles (Class B). 
In the case of the use of a credit card, this must be presented at the time of delivery of the vehicle to the Customer, and the presentation of digital / virtual credit card or currency exchange cards is not valid. Only one credit card per reservation may be used.

Minimum age

The minimum age for driving a Local Cars vehicle is 23 years, with the exception of some vehicles where the minimum age is 25 years.

Young drivers

All drivers who have held a driving licence for over 1 year but who are over the age of 23 can drive a Local Cars vehicle for an additional daily fee for a maximum of 10 days of rental.  

Maximum age

There is no maximum age for driving a Local Cars vehicle, provided that the driving license is valid and meets all other requirements.

Additional drivers

Only the driver or other persons duly identified in the rental contract, as additional drivers, may drive the Local Cars vehicle. For each additional driver an additional service will be charged.

Security Deposit

All Customers must make a security deposit due to the deductible and the fuel deposit. The security deposit is provided in the form of debit authorisation on the credit card, and the holder must be present when the vehicle is collected.
Pre-authorisation includes the value of the fuel, tolls, etc deductible (in cases where the customer does not subscribe the additional protection of exemption from deductible), and other extras accepted over the counter.
In the case of customers with direct payment of the rental, in addition to that described above, the rental amount will also be included.

Drop off and collection

Local Cars vehicles must be delivered and collected at Local Cars rental stations. Deliveries and pick-ups inside or outside the city limits in the cities where Local Cars is represented can be arranged upon request at the time of booking, but subject to confirmation. 
Local Cars grants a grace period of 20 minutes in delivery and collection. After this grace period, no staff member will return to the location, and the vehicle will have to be collected / dropped off at one of our stations. In the event of collection after this grace period has elapsed, one additional day shall be charged. 
Deliveries and collection are only possible in properly identified Hotels. This service is subject to an additional charge depending on the distance. 
For more information, contact our account manager, or see the Complementary Products sheet.

One – Way Rentals

Rentals with delivery in a different area of the pick-up station are subject to the "one-way" supplement, they must be requested at the time of booking and are subject to the availability and confirmation of the Local Cars Booking Centre. This add-on applies to all vehicles and any number of days of rental.

Out of hours

Deliveries and pick-ups outside the normal operating hours of Local Cars stations at airports are subject to the availability and confirmation of the Local Cars Reservation Centre. An additional service charge will be charged. 

Special vehicle policy

This is perceived as the rental of special vehicles, the rental of commercial vehicles and / or for the exercise of the professional activity of the Customer / Driver. As an example, the cases in which the Customer intends to make "home changes" and "cargo transport", or the cases in which the vehicle affects professional activity.
To make this type of special reservations is necessary to confirm the availability of such vehicles in advance.

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is 1 day.
A rental is counted in 24-hour periods. A grace period of 59 minutes is granted, after which an extra rental day will be charged at the public rate value, as well as the Complementary Products required at the beginning of the rental.
Rental agreements may not exceed 30 days. If the rental is more than 30 days, a new agreement must be issued. Additional days not covered by the rental agreement will be charged according to the current public tariff.

Pack Hours

This Product offers you a free period of 1 hour and 59 minutes after the scheduled delivery of the vehicle. This add-on has a daily cost per day, charged for a maximum of 10 days.


All rentals are invoiced on full days at the rate in effect at the start of the rental.                                                                                                                    


All reservations, extensions and / or cancellations must be made by email to the Local Cars Reservations Centre (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or through the website www.localcars.pt
Reservations will be confirmed by group of vehicles requested. The brand, model or colour of the leased vehicles will not be confirmed, and the Customers preference is subject to availability at the beginning of the rental. 
Economic vehicles with pick-up and deliveries at Local Cars stations and Hotels, during office hours, were automatically confirmed.

Airport service

All rentals starting at airport stations are subject to an additional service charge per rental agreement.

Circulation service charge

All rentals are subject to an additional daily service charge, which is charged for a maximum period of 15 days per contract. In case of long-term reservations, which implies the opening of monthly contracts (30 days), this service charge is charged for a maximum period of 15 days in each contract.

Toll Service

Local Cars vehicles are equipped with an identifier that allows crossings and payments in tolls. In order to take advantage of the Toll Service, the customer must request this service at the time of collection of the car. 
To do this you must present a valid credit card (presented at the time of booking) that is accepted by Local Cars. The subscription of this service has a daily cost up to a maximum cost per rental, to which the amounts due for the effective crossing and use of the toll gates are added.
This equipment is subject to a deductible in the event of theft, loss or damage in the amount of € 36.90, not being covered by SUPER CDW / Deductible Reduction.
This service is not invoiced to the agency / tour operator.

Fines Management Fee

If there are fines or infractions in which Local Cars needs to identify the drivers, a fee applies to the driver for the service provided.

Limit of Kilometers

All rentals have a maximum limit of 4,000 kilometers, if you exceed this limit, each additional kilometer will cost € 0.06.

The cancellation of any reservation may be made on our site, through access to the Customer's personal area, provided that the notice period of 48 hours is observed. 
After this period, the request for cancellation of the reservation must be made in person at the collection station or by telephone or e-mail to the Reservation Centre (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). In this case, the amount of at least € 10.00 will be charged to the Customer, provided that justification for the cancellation is presented.
Cancellations based on cancellation of flights and other personal reasons and / or force majeure are accepted.

Insurance, cover and assistance



Customers and drivers must inform Local Cars of all accidents in which they are involved within a period of no more than 24 hours from the occurrence thereof, as well as deliver the duly completed Car Accident Declaration with their details and the details the third party.
We recommend the presence of the police authorities at the place and time of the incident, in order to ascertain all the circumstances in which it occurs. 

Deductible Reduction

This product allows the reduced liability for the deductible for the amount of € 300 and € 600 (remaining groups). This option does not include glass breakage or damage caused by negligence. The deductible reduction is available for all vehicles for a day value that goes up to the maximum relative to 15 days. The amount varies depending on the rented group. 

Personal liability insurance

All Local Cars vehicles are covered by an insurance policy worth 50 million Euros.
Violation of the general terms and conditions of the Local Cars rental agreement may determine the inapplicability of the terms of the policy.
This insurance is included in the rate

Reduced financial liability in case of damages - CDW

CDW limits the Customer's financial liability.
As long as the terms and conditions of the Local Cars rental agreement have not been violated, the Customer will not be liable for any damages, whether caused or not by accident, that exceed a minimum amount denominated per deductible.

Reduced financial liability in case of theft – TP

As long as the terms and conditions of the Local Cars rental agreement have not been violated, the Customer shall not be liable for theft, in whole or in part, of the Localcars vehicle which exceeds a minimum value called a deductible.
The TP does not include protection against Customers' personal possessions or merchandise.

Super CDW

Deductibles for optional CDW and TP may be excluded by payment of an additional daily service charge, the amount of which varies depending on the group of the rented vehicle.
In the scope of this product, glass breakage, loss of car keys, damage to the lower part, roofs or sides of vehicles due to passage under bridges, archways or narrow roads are excluded, and the Customer is liable for all damages arising from this warning.


Eliminates liability for breaking tires glasses and locks in vehicles. For this add-on a daily cost will be charged up to a maximum of 15 days per rental.


In addition to compulsory third party insurance, collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft cover are provided.
Personal accident insurance is not included. Insurance cover is subject to an excess and your maximum liability is indicated below.

Group A / B / C - excess 1500 Euros
Group D / E / F / G - excess 3000 Euros
Group F1 / G1 / G2 / H - excess 3500 Euros
Group H1 / I / I1 / J / J1 / L / W - excess 3500 Euros
Group K - excess 7500 Euros

Here is the price for optional waiver of the excess / Super CDW - 0 Excess:
Group A / B / C - 10€/ Per Day
Group D / E / F / G - 12€/ Per Day
Group F1 / G1 / G2 / H - 15€/ Per Day
Group H1 / I / I1 / J / J1 / L / W - 20€/ Per Day
Group K - 30€/ Per Day

Super TGT (Tyres, Glass, keys)
Group A / B / C - 7.5€/ Per Day
Group D / E / F/ G - 7.5€/ Per Day
Group F1 / G1 / G2 / H - 10€/ Per Day
Group H1 / I / I1 / J / J1 / L / W - 12€/ Per Day
Group K - 20€/ Per Day

Damage Management Fee

Payment of a management fee whenever there are damages equal to or greater than € 61.50 or have not previously subscribed to the SCDW.

Travel Assistance 

All prices include 24-hour travel assistance due to breakdown or accident of the rental vehicle. This service provides the towing of the rented vehicle and the transport of occupants to the nearest Local Cars rental station. 
If it is a special car, customers will be transported to the nearest airport station.
The travel assistance contact telephone number is available in the car rental agreement file.
Abroad, Travel Assistance is limited to subscription the Cross Border service, and the towing service is available for the following situations:
1. A damaged car is sent directly to a Local Cars (in Portugal), and the consequent transport of the customers to the nearest station in national territory. 
2. A broken-down vehicle, if it can be repaired in up to three days, is repaired locally and returned to the customer, if the repair will take more than three days, the vehicle is sent directly to a Local Cars (in Portugal), and the consequent transportation of the customers to the nearest station in the national territory.
 If it is a special car, customers will be transported to the nearest airport station.
 In cases in which the Customer has not subscribed to the Cross Border service, they will be responsible for the payment of the whole travel assistance service, possible damage repair and breakdown of the vehicle, as well as the service charge applicable for the travel of vehicles abroad.

Vehicle maintenance

The Customer and authorised drivers are responsible for the correct use of the vehicle and for compliance with the manufacturer's usage regulations. 
All expenses related to repair, maintenance or replacement of oils and fluids not exceeding € 25 will be refunded upon presentation of the respective invoice-receipt on behalf of Localcars, taxpayer number 504.404.563. 
Expenses of a higher value require prior authorisation which must be requested from Local Cars.


All services, additional protections, deductibles and Complementary Products include VAT at the legal rate in force at the date of the transaction.